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Mortar failing around roof tiles

We are in the process of a house move and our purchasers surveyor has recently identified that the mortart on our roof tiles is failing and needs replacing. The house was only built in 2001 but he had advised that the code of practice at this time recommended four parts sand to one part cement - and that this is a common fault. In terms of cost to have this rectified for our purchasers roughly what would we be looking at please - it is a four bed detached property. Any advice/help greatly appreciated.

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Get a roofer off this site to quote you it won't cost you for an estimate. It is very difficult to give an accurate quote without seeing the site but best guesstimate would be around £2000 plus vat . If you have any measurements it may help to give you a more accurate figure. If scaffold is needed then this would probably increase the cost. The purchasers surveyor may guide you aswell or at least they should give the purchaser a figure.


Answered 9th Jan 2013

we did a 3 bed detached recently took 2 men 1 day to clean off all the ridges and bed them back on. without scaffolding and we charged £500 it was a hard graft but worth it.


Answered 10th Jan 2013

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