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how to stop damp in concrete shutted homes

We have concrete shutted walls to our house and are having a real problem keeping on top of it. What is the best thing to do

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Hi there
What you need to find out is it rising or penetrating damp or condensation
with out more information no advice can be given,although due to construction i wuld imagine its more of a condensation problem which could mean putting thermal boards on the external walls.


Answered 11th Jan 2013

Hi , the simple solution is to insulate all the affected walls internally with a thin insulation product (internet will give variants) once this is installed it will prevent a cold surface which is usually the cause , Then re - decorate .
The more expensive way is to re-plasterboard affected wall using a foil backed board but glued to the walls NOT dot and dabbed .


Answered 11th Jan 2013

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