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Can you build extensions to a property in stages??

Hi, Really hope I can get some help and advice. Hazel grove/Cheshire based. I am interested in purchasing a property that I want to eventually extend. My purchase would mainly depend on whether the anwser to my question is a yes.
Property possibly purchasing is a 3 bed semi on a large corner plot with gardens to front, side and rear.

I would like to extend ground floor space for a study, wc, larger kitchen/dining and extra living space. First floor space for an extra bedroom with en-suite/dressing room.

Dont really know much about building work/extensions but Im thinking 2 storey side extension plus rear extension or orangery to the rear would give me the extra space I want.

What I would like to know is can I build all of this in stages (due to finances) and if so what am I best starting off with and will I undo any work I do first when wanting more work done??

Thanks in advance

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Hi, it would really depend on the final design of the extensions and what your budget would be.
If the extensions are not connecting then they can be done separately but there may also be an option with your chosen contractors to do the foundation for the other extension at the same time.
We have worked with clients where a project had a wraparound extension - single storey side, two storey rear. Due to budget constraints they amended their planning application to be single storey but with foundations to be dug suitable for the two storey at the rear. They intend to build the first floor when they can afford it. However, doing it this way can sometimes mean the overall cost ends up being higher than if built as one ongoing construction and as you say, may cause some disturbance to work done previously.
I would advise getting in touch with an architect and discussing your ideas as they may be able to design your build to suit your staged needs.
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Answered 8th Jan 2013

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