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Carpet grippers for felt back stair carpet

getting a new felt backed stair carpet fitted and need to get grippers. do i need to get ones especially for a felt backed carpet? or will cheaper ordinary ones do?

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only use gripper if you are using a underlay and yes ordinary ones will be fine.

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Answered 9th Jan 2013

ordinary ones will do try to get small pin


Answered 6th Jan 2013

hi depends on thickness of the carpet 3 types of grippers short pin recommended mediun pin and long pin.also you get wood grippers or concrete grippers depends on your floor.thanks ozzy fitter.


Answered 16th May 2014

Hi if using underlay yes. If not you dont need them you can use spray glue. Or also can depend of the thickness of the carpet. And just standard grippers will be fine.


Answered 1st Apr 2016

Hi Carol, I’d highly recommend Gripper rods for any staircase not only for wear purposes but, for safety. Gripper rods should be installed with underlay. You should check the pile of your carpet. If you have a short piled carpet I’d recommend short pin gripper as to not catch your toes on the pins when travelling up and down the stairs as this can be painful. However, make sure you get the right gripper rods for the right area. Most professionals should have stock of various gripperods so always mention it to your installer before arrival to avoid disappointment. I hope this helps? Any further questions please feel free to get in contact. All the best and good luck. Scott


Answered 6th Aug 2018

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