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Leaking radiator valves

We bought this house which is about 15 years old,boiler was not great,hence we installed a 38CDi Worcester Combi about 3 weeks ago.Ever since that we have 3 radiators with lockshield valve leaking(weeping).The chap who installed Boiler says it is just that some old rads and valves may not be able to tolerate the higher pressure,and washed his hands off.
I changed one lockshield valve with a new one-immediately the valve on other side of rad(thermostatic) started leaking.
Somebody tell me why this is happening?
Is there anything I can do(balancing the rads or so) which would prevent such leaks.
Or should I get a professional to sort this out?
Does the Boiler installation guy have any part in this?
Many Thanks

2 Answers from MyBuilder Heating Engineers

the system pressure is too high it should be 1.2 bar.


Answered 10th Jan 2013

No what he has said is correct but he could have helped you more
You need some new valves mate


Answered 13th Jan 2013

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