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Best was to removing / preventing mould on rafters?

I've noticed what looks like superficial mould growth on my loft rafters since the rain got in (ridge tiles now fixed).
What's the best way to clean and treat them afterwards.
There seems to be some conflicting info on the web.
Many thanks

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Hi mark
hope you found the products, question came up twice


Answered 11th Jan 2013

Hi , Treat the areas where the mould growth has occured with a mould and mildew treatment using a brush , once this has dried spray all your rafters with an 8 in 1 dry rot and wet rot etc chemical 9 you can use a garden sprayer , work furthest point away and back to loft hatch , this will eliminate any spores not yet visible and also give long term protection , follow safety instructions on all solutions if doing yourself or expect to pay a contractor around 600 pound including materials .
about a week later inspect the rafters for any surface moisture just in case there is excessive condensation occuring now roof is sealed.


Answered 11th Jan 2013

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