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How do I know if the Artex in our ceilings have asbestos in them?

Anonymous user 4 January 2013 - 1.31 PM

We have artex in most ceilings in our house and I have been told they may (or not) have asbestos fibres in them. How do I know for sure? I would like to get rid of them but understand that the procedures if there is asbestos or not will be different. Any advice? I should probably add that we are planning to skim/re-plaster most of the house in the coming year (walls and ceiling) as well as remove a wall. Not sure if this would affect any possible asbestos?

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Great Yarmouth

Hi as regards asbestos, never take any chances with this material as it can kill you. So in using your judement the answer is simple have the areas you wish to have updated need to be lab tested first,then pick the best way to deal with covering the coating weather you overboard or remove the ceiling or even just skimm over once you know its 100% to do so. Asbestos is dangerous even in small amounts so don't try to remove it to use a wallpaper stripper on it is just down right stupidy as if you don't clean down the floor,skirting,windows frames,doors ect.. when you done the material left around the room once dry will become air born and a danger to you and your family. You can just skimm like mr MDunston says, but in the end I would say get it tested and be safe&sure. P.S. The handyman can, you don't have a clue what your talking about when it comes to asbestos removal and handling. your put people at risk with your adsive sounds like a jack of all trades master of none to me... I wish you all the best your project My regards Steve Seikoingplastering


1 May 2013



Anonymous user

If the ceiling is in good condition leave the artex as is, give it a good coat of uni bond either with a roller or garden sprayer then let that dry,once dry give it another coat of uni bond then while still wet apply two coats of thistle multi finnish ,some times if the finnish of the artex is very rough a coat of thistle bonding will be required first . If the cieling is in need of repair just over board it with new plaster board then finnish with thistle multi finnish. I hope this is of help to you regards Martin


9 January 2013


A.s.king plastering
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Asbestos was still in artex definitely up until 1985 and possibly until 1990. Google it. All plasterers should inform customers this as a duty of care. Regards stu. A.s.king plastering


12 January 2020


Simple Asbestos Solutions

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The best option is to have this sampled, this is non invasive and will give you a definitive answer. Results are usually really quick and certificates are issued.


1 October 2020


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I have read all the answers and they all make sense.


5 October 2021