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Damp patches appearing on 1st floor stone house

After recently renovating a 150 year stone cottage, a few random damp patches have appeared in the 1st floor bedroom on the gable wall end. During the renovations, the gable wall was repointed excellently and the chimney repointed and new flashing put on. The patches inside the house, do roughly correspond to some of the more 'ageing' stones on the outside, suggesting that they are pulling the water in?

This has only appeared after some pretty constant rain hitting the gable wall of the house.

I am considering treating the outside of the wall with a water seal product. Also potentially treating inside with a SBR bond, re-skimming, potentially applying one coat of cellar paint and then further coats of the finished emulsion.

Can anyone please advise as to potential other solutions to sort out this troublesome but random problem.

Thanks very much indeed.

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Hi there
With out looking at this problem difficult to answer,but as for the sbr skimming +cellar paint I do not advise, this could cause condensation problems in these areas it is always best to try and allow the internal walls to breathe
and if you can see the ageing stone work just treat these areas as its generally best to let the masonry breathe unless it is letting in water.


Answered 3rd Jan 2013

You say the property has been recently repointed. Have they used lime morta or sand cement. if sand cement been used this will trap water in and release it through the interior of the wall thus damp patches. you should always use lime on stone this allows wall to breathe


Answered 5th Jan 2013

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