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Plumbing options for loft extension

I have a 3 bed detached house in Kingston, Surrey. I am currently planning a 2 bed, 2 shower room loft conversion. I have a Potterton Profile(I think 80e - whole system fitted 2005) boiler with an orange pressure vessel next to it. I was told to keep the pressure at about .75 - 1 bar. A smallish copper hot water cylinder on the 1st floor. A cold water tank in the loft and no expansion tank in the loft, so I'm assuming that my central heating is a pressurised system and the hot water is not? Any ideas what would be the best option for the two proposed showers and plumbing in the loft? I want to keep the cost as low as possible, but the showers need to work. I have an existing power shower connected to the hot water cylinder and a Mira Advance electric shower in the upstairs bathroom which works well. My house is near the town centre and is not on a hill. It is also lower than surrounding Victorian houses as it is a 1960's infill house. Therefore the showers in the loft conversion will be about 1.8m higher than showers in neighbouring Victorian houses 1st floor bathrooms. If the loft conversion c/h radiators were simply connected to the existing system would they work as it is pressurised? If they didn't would simply turning the pressure up make them work? There probably won't be space to raise the height of the cold water tank as the loft extension will have a flat roof. There will however be an area where a coffin tank could be fitted. Would two mains fed electric showers be an option? How about pressure, I've heard from Mira that they sell 0.7 bar showers as well as 1.0 bar models. Also would having 2, possibly 3 electric showers in the house be a strain on the electrics? I have an old electric undersink water heater which could be used for the wash hand basins. I've heard that Megaflow is pricey, but would it work with my boiler? I've also heard that combi's might not be good enough for multiple showers/hot taps and of course that would involve having the boiler changed. I've also heard that they are unreliable (My Potterton hasn't needed anything in 7.5 years). Appreciate any ideas.

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Judging by your detail knowledge you already have the answers! Bite the bullet and spend some money. It's like building the perfect robot without any's not worth scrimping considering how much your going to be spending already Megaflow and New Boiler. I say all this kindly.


Answered 27th Jan 2013

Fitting a new condensing boiler will reduce your gas bills coupled with a megaflow which will give you adequate water pressure for your shower and also the storage tanks in the loft will be removed to give you more room for your new loft extension


Answered 7th Feb 2014

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