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Best suggestion for removing laminate from under fireplace

We are looking to install carpet or alternative flooring in our living room but have noticed that the current laminate flooring goes under the fireplace, which is fixed in place, limestone and too heavy to move. Don't really fancy chipping away at the flooring with a chisel so close to limestone for the risk of damaging it, and a bit worried that removing the flooring around it might cause it to be unstable, despite it being there for years and having a solid concrete floor underneath. Can anyone offer a suggestion?

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I would recommend cutting the wood out leaving the wood that is under the fireplace in place.
Best way of doing this would be to use a tool called a multi tool, the blade can go flate against the fireplace and cut the laminate straight down, I would recommend putting something protective on the stone of the fireplace so the blade doesn't mark it also.
I have a Bosch multi tool you can get them at homebase link is below can be used for a few jobs and is a good all round tool

Hope that helps
Regards Jason @ jrfloors


Answered 4th Jan 2013

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