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Cold water supply tank pressure low since draining out??

We have a gravity fed system and a twin pump for the bathroom shower which is connected. Yesterday we tried to tee off of the shower pipes in order to pump the bath taps. This is where our troubles started. The cold water tank drained out due to the isolating valve not working so whilst it was empty we connected all pipes for the new bath taps and capped them off then we refilled the storage tank. Turned all the water feeds on but there is hardly any pressure from cold water to the bathroom taps and shower and worst of all the shower pump now cuts out if temperature switched to cold.

Could this be debris in the pipes or air locks and if so how do we resolve this?
The sink tap is the same pipe work as before and same tap and this is also affected pressure wise so we don't think it is a pump problem just overall cold water supply.

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In answer to your question... much possible that is debris from tank.
Hopefully you have changed failed valve already, if not you should empting tank one more time. Best to remove outlet pipe away and clean inside off tank.
When the water will be off check all joints (where connected to taps/pump/valves).
some of them will have filters which need to be cleaned. Also remove and clean taps outlets. Entering air or water from taps outlets you will check if any debris are in there. You can do same with pipework.
Then fit all back, refill and check.

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Answered 20th Feb 2013

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