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Is my contractor correct about levelling my floor?

I have just had a kitchen fitted which was to include new laminate flooring, skirting and walls plastered. The job is now complete but the floor has a quarter inch gap between the floor and bottom of skirting in one corner of the room. There is a noticeable dip in the floor over in this corner from the rest of the room. I have asked why the tradesman fitted this and walked away and will repairs be done to solve this ie levelling compound (just a suggestion, I don't know what should be done).
I received this reply ''get another contractor if you wish, you were never charged for levelling the floor so if you want it levelled I can work out a price once I look at it, and a levelling compound can only work over a couple of mm not an inch neither can it work on anything other than concrete''
My question - is the contractor correct? If he fits the floor, does he just put it down wherever and should he now charge to lift it and level it?

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Laminate flooring needs to be viewed as any other floor covering I.E. carpet/lino. it is laid on an existing floor. If you say the unlevel floor is noticable then I fail to see why you never noticed it before as it was just as unlevel before your contractor laid the laminate. If this being the case and you wanted the sub floor leveling before laying the laminate you should have said so.
Bottom line you were quoted for laing laminate not leveling the sub floor and laying laminate.
Sorry its not what you want to hear-Kevin


Answered 28th Dec 2012

Unfortunately in a perfect world this problem would have been spotted and discussed at the quotation stage. But we do not live in a perfect world. If the quote was to fit flooring to the existing floor then that is what has been done after all you would not expect a carpet fitter to level the floor, and if carpet was down when the job was viewed the problem may not have been noticeable. With hind-site maybe a thin layer or two could have been applied or completely over board the whole floor but would you have paid the extra cost. The problem now is that to lift the floor will problably damage it, would quadtant or scotia moulding look out of place ? Other than dropping/scribing the skirting the only other thing i can suggest is carefully applied caulking to match the skirting.

chhers, Bruce.


Answered 29th Dec 2012

Although the contractor is correct with his answer , The fact is a good floorer would always check levels and quote accordingly . You can get self level for concrete and timber but they are not the same product , The timber one is a flexible latex 2 part .
If you ask a contractor to do a Job it is partly your responsibility to inform him/her of what you require but it is then down to the contractor to use his experience to give you the best result .

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Answered 11th Jan 2013

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Answered 16th Jan 2013

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