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Do i need carpet gripper rods around a fireplace hearth?

We have a fireplace with a stove that has a hearth which is about 3 inches thick around the front of the stove. The current carpet has an underlay but no gripper rods around the hearth, the floor is concrete. Now, I wish to lay new underlay and carpet, but do I need gripper rods around the hearth and how close to the hearth do I go with the rods? I can do the gripper rods and underlay myself but will get a professional carpet fitter to lay the carpet.

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You wiil need gripper rods around your hearth, and i would stick them down to save nailing close to a hearth . but let the pro do it for you it will be better for the both of you !

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Answered 9th Jan 2013

yes you will need gripperods around your hearth stick them with no more nails or equivalent about a 5mm gap to tuck the carpet into,if you getting a pro in let him do all the prep he would prefer this.


Answered 2nd Jan 2013

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