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Slate tiling a kitchen floor? is this advisable? good point and bad points?

We bought slate tiles for wet room. Loads left over and I want to tile kitchen with them My husband has spoken to builder he knows and says it would be too cold, they break when items fall on them and would be too costly to level floor( floor has laminate on it just now-big kitchen) Please advise as I love the tile!!i suggested putting underfloor heating in main traffic area,-we have radiator in kitchen too and it is pretty warm. Would be really grateful for any advice!! Gill

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Hi Gill
Not a tiler myself but we also love the look of slate tiles and had them threw our hallway and in the kitchen and yes they are cold under the foot but well worth it in my eyes as they look great. Not had any break on us but got a few spare if they do so was not to worried about that.
Regards mark


Answered 4th Jan 2013

As a tiler i can say that slate is perfectly fine for the kitchen. However you must ensure that the subfloor is strong enough and level enough to support them. I would recommend laying ply across the joists screwed not nailed at least every 300mm.

Make sure and prime the floor SBR found at all good builders merchants. Sealing the tiles before laying is more time consuming but yields better results in the long term. Use a good flexible adhesive preferably Bal. If over 10sqm put expansion joints every 10m if over underfloor heating every 6m this will prevent any issues. Also use a flexible grout. Leave a day apart between putting down and grouting and seal again once done.

With regards to using with underfloor heating, I have put them over the electric mat and traditional type underfloor heating, its all about the type of adhesive and grout used it will always say if it's suitable for underfloor heating if it is. The use of expansion joints is very important, if you can take the skirting boards off so you can leave a gap for expansion that is hidden and use an expansion joint every 6m.


Answered 11th Sep 2016

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