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4x6 single storey extension costs - south east

Just received planning for a single storey flat roof extension which will extend the kitchen adding a WC and integral garage.
Garage- to be single skin and takes up over half the m2 of the build. Two twin 13A sockets and tube light. Rollover garage door and internal door to kitchen.
WC- Toilet, sink and shower with small window and internal door. 2 downlighters
Kitchen- Relocate boiler. New power for fridge, wash machine & dryer. New plumbing for wash machine. 1 twin 13A socket. 4 downlighters, external door 800m window and Velux in roof.

Finish to be basic, non painted or tiled. Plastered with skirting and electrics/plumbing only. No new kitchen units or floor needed in this price. Just in a state ready for decoration.

There are no access problems to site.

There is an existing pre fab single garage with asbestos roof sitting on concrete slab that will need to go. There is also a 2.5m2 extension that will need to go too. This houses the existing boiler.

Our budget is tight at 20k so any feedback would be great.

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My company charges £750 per square meter for basic single storey and that is nationaly plus you would have the cost of the bathroom suite. So I would say no less than 18k but no more than 20k.


Answered 31st Dec 2012

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