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Can i have a bath in a wet room

Hi, i am trying to do an en suite bathroom, i definately want a bath, and was going to have a 800 quadrant shower enclosure in the opposite corner, with a toilet in between the bath and shower cubicle. My problem is that the short wall where the bath is going is 1650 (i have a 1650 bath) therefore at the other end of the bathroom there is the 800 shower and a basin needs to fit in (thought of short projection on the long wall but worried about backing into the glass shower cubicle doors) hence was thinking of a wet room shower tray and curtain, which i could pull back when the shower was not in use, and therefore have space to wash at my basin, is this feasible, its upstairs but believe you can do a wet room on wood floors, was also considering this no slip flooring which goes up at the edges of the room and didnt know how that would work if i had the bath?

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hi the answer to your question is you can install a level deck tray on concrete or on a timber floor. After 18yrs of installing over 800 wet rooms i would not advise a tile floor, the floor should be altro marine or vogue and should be flapped up the walls at 100mm which comes in a variety of colours and will last a lifetime.


Answered 7th Jan 2013

A properly fitted wetroom can go anywhere... it just needs extra care and attention when installed on a wooden floor. When you say non-slip flooring, do you mean the commercial type lino floors? (the sort you see in hospitals and gyms?)... You can have this, and it is certainly not as slippy as tiles, but the look is not great. But I would always advise on a fully tiled (wall and floor) wetroom, to get the best possible finish, like you see in the magazines! Don't get hung up on wet tiles being slippy... yes, they can be slippy, but only if you're running around and being a bit dopey. The most dangerous moment of a tiled bathroom floor is when you are stepping out of a bath onto wet tiles - walking around a tiled floor with no steps is a pretty safe endeavour.


Answered 31st Dec 2012

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