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Leak coming through ceiling where extension meets house

We moved into our house 2 1/2 years ago and about a year ago noticed a leak coming through the kitchen ceiling. The kitchen has been extended (before we moved in) and the leak appeared where the new extension meets the old part of the house. The leak seemed to clear up for several months but has started up again in the last month - and has now extended to above the patio doors in the adjoining room (but which is still part of the same wall where the leak is). In the last hour the leak has progressed to coming through the light fitting in the extension!

Is this a problem with the original building work done when the extension was built? Is it easy to resolve? And who would be best to contact to fix this? How desperate/serious is this?


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without seeing your property its hard to say but the first thing you need to check is the flashings were the exstention meets the house wall if flash band has been installed get rid of it and have lead flashings installed be sure its code 4 need to get it sorted soon as possible!


Answered 21st Dec 2012

Hi there
you need to fix the leak so a plumber would be the best person to employ,this must be urgent if the water is coming through a light fitting
it will corrode the electrics if the extension is a flat roof it could be where the pipes have frozen during the cold snap,best advice see a plumber asap


Answered 21st Dec 2012

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