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Electric cooker running of 13 amp plug keeps fusing. any ideas?

I bought a free standing Lofra oven with gas hob off ebay and have had lots of problems- the lastest being that it has blown it's fuse, and melted the socket. (Saying that my partner thinks that the melted socket might have been due to me changing the plug and possibly leaving a stray cooperwire loose.)
Anyway it is working again plugged into an extention and running off another plug but the extension cable is heating up. And when the oven is on you hear the fan having blips ( short stops, i think).

I wonder whether the problems are it's a multi function oven- with lots of different options and it is to much of a drain being placed on a 13 amp plug. ( which is what it came with and designed to run off)
Could we run a 30 amp cable to it, stick a socket on the end and plug it in to that?
Thank you in advance for any thoughts, with christmas dinner to cook next week- i'm abit worried.


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You make no mention of maximum load (KW) will be on the spec plate so unable to offer any advise except I would NOT recomend running this of an extention lead.


Answered 19th Dec 2012

Sounds like your cooker is designed for a 16/20amp supply for the continental europe market and needs to be hardwired on its own 20amp circuit with a 20amp doble pole switch and not just plugged into a 13amp socket.


Answered 11th Jan 2013

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