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Why am i getting condensation in my roof?

hi there, any ideas why I am getting a big problem in cold weather with water drops forming on the roof felt in my loft, and dripping off onto everything in the attic - and more importantly, how to prevent it?! thanks

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Usualy poor air flow, make sure vents are clear. This is common when people insulate loft and push insulation to far in to the eves. Hope this helps!


Answered 13th Dec 2012

It sounds like you need to increase the insulation to your loft & then introduce ventilation above to allow the moist air to escape. A reputable roofer from this site should sort this for you.


Answered 13th Dec 2012

Cheapest option is to remove any blockages of insulation at the eaves and if possible try and increase the ventilation with the aid of 'easyvents' these open up the roofing felt at laps to increase air flow; these retail at about £3.50 each, generally a box of 20 will be suffice for a standard three bed house.

Ensure your insulation is at least 250mm and also do not forget to insulate the loft hatch




Answered 13th Dec 2012

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