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How to replace a leaking tap for the main water supply pipe

I find the tap on the main water supply pipe to my flat is leaking. I want to find some plumber to replace it. Just want to have a general idea how they will do it. Do they have special device to replace it without turning the water supply off, or I need to contact my flat management company to turn the water off somewhere first?

Thanks for any advice.

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There are two ways that you can go about changing the mains stop cock
Either you can freeze the pipe just before the stop cock ( sometimes this is
not possible due to access) this can only be done if there is access to the mains pipe before the stopcock for example 20cm to be able to freeze the pipe.
The other method is to turn off the mains supply from a stopcock before it enters your property.
Sometimes you will find a cupboard in a block of flats that has some stock cocks or the main stock cock to the building outside the building.

Many thanks Mickey



Answered 30th Dec 2012

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