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Original matt ceiling.. repainted with silk vinyl.. then with matt.. result bubbling and peeling

After Sealing an Ornate Atexing Ceiling, then Applying Matt paint Over the last 6 Years, No problem, Unfortunately My EX partner was overseeing my Youngest son Painting the Ceiling, However she neglected to inform him to only use Matt,,, the Ceiling was Patch and dull in places, I thought Becasue it had Only had one Coat of Matt... FOOL me.. didnt know that Vinyl Silk had been used, Hence I proceeded to put a fresh coat Of Matt on, to what I thought was Matt.... result .. Bubling almost Immediately, I had done approx one third of a 12 x12 room by this time ..thinking it was the paint that was old .. I bought New Matt... same result... Now I know why its Vinyl Silk over the top of Matt... I have been able to peel the majority away where I have applied Matt, there are bits here and there to get Off still, BUT there is still 2 thirds of a ceiling Of the silk Vinyl... where no Matts Been re-applied....

1. Is there a fix around this to get the Ceiling back to Matt, the Artex is quite am Intricate pattern, made up of 3 different ones.
2. Can I steam off the Silk Vinyl usng a Wallpaper Steamer to get it back to the original Matt Coat?
3. Has anyone got any idea where I can Purchase a Sanding Roller, that can be fixed to a Standard Pole Extension, I have plates in My Back and Shoulders, so Working from floor level would help, and enable me to key up the ceiling If I can get it Back to the Matt finish?

4. This is holding up all the papering work, and My son Comes home on Leave from the Army on 20th Dec, so any tips would be gratefully recieved.
thanx for reading

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Hi chris
Hope i can help you before its too late, dont use a steamer
it will take off the Artex, preperation is the key if it was a flat ceiling yes i would of used a sanding block to sand the ceiling to give it a key then apply your matt,but as you have a pattern on your Artex it will be harder to prep, my advise would to dilute your matt for the first coat only known as a miss coat, allow time to dry before applying second coat this will stop the bubling,i might be late answering this but you might find that the bubles have dried out. other option would to seal the ceiling with pva part diluted , then apply your matt ,i would use leyland contract matt brilliant white for best result
good luck chris



Answered 15th Dec 2012

Get a plastere & get rid of the Artex. It can be skimmed relatively cheaply then you have a new good surface. failing that then peel off any bubbles & repaint with quality emulsion. You might find that the silk will come off in sheets if there has been any steam in the area.


Answered 12th Feb 2016

As lee said if the Buubles have dried. lightly over paint it get it all back to flat base don,t over do the pva though it can be difficult sometimes to get new paint to stick to it causing bigger bubbles leaving a uneven paint job. the other method that I really don,t recommend you try yourself is a light chemical wash Costic soda or an eco friendly substitute to bubble the silk to peel off all the old paint you have to work quickly the minute it reacts wash it off so it dosn't damage the Artex. if you go with that method get the professionals in squeaky clean ceiling but not cheap.( see under contract or industrial cleaning ) if you don't want to re plaster or lose the pattern you have, no easy fix though sadly if its bubbled, crazed or creased on high relief work.


Answered 8th Aug 2016

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