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How to get rid of smell of amonemia everytime we use shower?

We live in a 3rd floor flat. Everytime we use the electric shower a strong smell of amonenia comes from the watertank cupboard and pervades the flat. Had a plumber in. No signs of any leaks. Any ideas what it can be and how to deal with it?

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A fishy smell usually indicates insulation overheating. This could be from wiring, switch or the shower unit itself. If you're not electrically savvy, best to call in a qualified electrician


Answered 10th Dec 2012

Only real way is to turn off the heaters (allow at leats 24 hrs to cool), strip them down and remove the bricks inside and thoroughly jet wash the bricks.

Allow the bricks to dry in a warm dry place for a few days and then re-assemble the heaters.


Answered 16th Dec 2012

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