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Can the stairs support upstairs cupboard

We have a post at the bottom of the stairs banister which goes all the way up to the ceiling. In that room above it there's a cupboard, and we were wondering if it's OK to remove the post (or chop the middle out) in order to get furniture in or whether it could be supporting upstairs. The house was built in 1910, but the staircase looks like it's from the 70's (much like this image, but the first post goes all the way up:

Any advice, much appreciated as I'm worried our sofa won't get in this weekend.

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Dear sirs

In most cases it is a structural newel post to support stairs and in older properties the post will also support the floor if the floor has been cantilevered. It is always best to get a professional to inspect before any removal of posts from stairs.

Kind regards

Scott Dyer


Answered 11th Dec 2012

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