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Ridge tiles rebedded apparently 2 years ago

Mortar on ridge tiles looking out to front of house has separated from ridge tiles, bad job or is that expected?

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was most prob over pointed instead of re bedded . bad job


Answered 5th May 2011

If it was only done 2yr ago then it obviously wasnt done properly, he probably over pointed the existing joints which is bad practice.
The ridge should have been taken of, rebedded and pointed in one go.
So in answer to your question it was a bad job.


Answered 6th May 2011

bad job if its only lasted 2 years ,decent rebedding should last 15 years and more


Answered 5th May 2011

while it would not normally be expected, we have had a few earthqukes in differant parts of the country which would not help

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Answered 5th May 2011

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