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Have an upstairs bay window with some rotton parts. the windows are a feature of the house so is it possible to just chop and replace.

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yes needs to be done carefully and accurate and if there is a shape remould it then sand down small pieces can be spliced in in the direction of the grain dont just fill it with filler as it will not last then when its done nice undercoat good make at least 2 then couple of top coat it will be good as new
p.s do one window at a time rotten parts are always in the corners when old part it taken out remake it the same


Answered 5th May 2011

Russell, without viewing the window I would suggest that it is very possible to cut and replace the spoiled area's concerned, however although the repairs would initally be seemless, over time potentially the seems between new and old could creep and become visible.
My advice would be to get a quote to replace the whole frame with labour being one of the highest costs in construction the difference between having the frame fabricated through the cottage industry and fitted may be negligable compared with carpenters being on site for days. A listed building may need planning consent.
James Anthony


Answered 5th May 2011

Scarfing in repairs would always be my first choice of approach-depending on extent of deterioration.The downside of this is the new timber will shrink in width in a very short time and the joints will open. You could use reclaimed timber, but that would depend on extent again.If there are large areas of rot then replacement may be the best bet.
Regards Charlie Bates


Answered 23rd Jun 2011

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