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My ceiling has a long jagged crack. should i be concerned?

I live in the ground floor flat of a 1960's purpose built block in London.

There is a long jagged crack which runs from the front of the lounge, all the way along to the rear of the flat (through another room).

The crack appears near where the wall meets the ceiling.

I have attached pictures. I am unsure whether this should be a major concern, or whether it's just cosmetic. What do you think?

Advice would be greatly appreciated and I'm happier to take more / closer pictures if required.

*Added Info - 3rd Dec '12*
Thank you for your response John. The crack was there when we moved in and it may just be my imagination but I think it's gotten very slightly wider. As far as I'm aware, no other flats have this issue. I'm aware that buildings settle and that those in the Thames basin do shift more, but this looks like something more serious.

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It would appear there has been some movement has the crack just appeared do any of the other flats have similar cracking


Answered 2nd Dec 2012

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