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Sealing a taped and filled finish prior to mist coat

I believe that it is recommended to seal a newly taped finish in order to prevent future damage to the plasterboard when removing wallpaper at a later date. Should I seal before or after mist coating? Can anyone advise on a cheaper alternative to using a proprietary sealer..pva for example, mixed with the mist coat?
Also, any tips on using paint to achieve a perfectly flat finish after taping as I'm still not convinced that the filled joints won't show as bumps and hollows..I need a top spec finish so please advise on the best application and emulsion to complete the look.
Thankyou, Ruth

Thanks LickofPaint. You came in a bit late by which time I'd already mixed my 'sealant' but as it happens I used exactly the same formula as you recommended.(woman's intuition?!) Have now nearly completed 250 sq/m of taping & filling, sealed, mist coated and top coated and my ceilings are as flat as witches tit..(husbands simile!)
Thanks again, Ruth.

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are you talking about dry lineing? if so if the holes with easy fill and sand back smooth, if there is plaster on the walls do not use pva on it, if its just plaster board then think your first coat down, %50 paint %25waterand %25 pva then one full coat of paint.


Answered 8th Dec 2012

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