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Hi I'm 30 years old Living in Wandsworth 

I have completed NVQ Level 1 in plumbing and currently studying NVQ Level 2 at the College of North West London.
In order to gain onsite experience I'm looking to do one day a week working with a plumber for free of course,Do you have any positions where I could work the one day with you??
I can start as soon as possible

Thank You Dean Savva

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I am afraid you are holding any prospective employer/plumber in not to respond to your request.
You will not get any on site training 1 day a week if you did, you will be making teas and clearing up only and you are giving yourself a chance.
So my advice to you is you have to give more days a week and of course it will be free.
Back in the days if I remember rightly I worked 6 days a week for a month for free.
After a month I was paid £20 a day for next 5 months.
That was the will and dedication...are you willing to do that?
If you are then contact me...
If you are not then advice to you is choose another career...
Sorry to be blunt but that is a fact


Answered 26th Jun 2013

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