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What insulation do i need in my garage conversion?

I am converting my garage and hope to do as much internal work myself as possible. 2 walls of the garage are internal and as such attached to 'heated' areas. The 3rd wall is double thickness into nextdoor's garage. Directly above both garages are the bathrooms. i am assuming that seeing as the bathroom walls must be insulated, the garage wall beneath must be similar (not sure how someone might build a thicker wall onto a thinner wall beneath) am i right? What will I need to ensure I don't lose heat? Do I need to insulate the 3rd wall as it is next to an 'unheated' space? Or do I have sufficient insulation already? If I do need to insulate, how much? I obviously want to avoid losing space. With the bathroom above I shouldn't need to insulate ceiling, so it's just that 3rd wall!

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Insulation Installer

Hi if you are looking at retaining all inside space the answer is simple External insulation can be applied to your garage and designed so to mimic existing features of the present building and surrounding structures, normally a quick survey for suitability of insulation thickness and your desired design request is all that is needed, as to any exterior fixings they are simple extended to suit new insulated surface during application. ( i hope this helps )


Answered 7th May 2015

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