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Moving a tv socket

We've just purchased a new build flat in an apartment building (no cavity access above the ceiling), the builder's architect didn't think about the layout of the flat and the TV socket is in the wrong wall. The wall I'd like to move the socket to is separated by a doorway and with no access to the cavity above I'm thinking that there will need to be some holes cut into the walls.

Is there a way to minimise the damage to the walls, roughly what costs am I looking at to move the TV socket? I don't want to run the cable on the outside of the wall.

To give some thought to the dimensions, the room could be thought of a rectangle with the door in one corner. The current socket is about 2.5m from the corner (where the door is) and the new location would be about 3m from the same door on an adjoining wall.

Additional information:
The floor is tiled so there is no access from the floor. The ceiling has no man-hole, so without cutting a hole in it I don't know how you could access above the wall either? Finally the wall is plasterboard / stud.

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I've worked on many new build flats and its easy to feed cables behind studs but your are correct you may have to maybe cut a couple of small holes if it is on opposite wall. You should have around 50mm cavity behind stud and with the help of rods shouldn't be a major job. Cost no more than £100 with materials. But don't forget aerial point or sky cables etc. hope this helps.


Answered 9th Apr 2013

The best routing would depend on your wall structure, is it solid walls or plasterboard/stud walls. Is there access in the floor to route the cable round? Why is there no access above ceiling is it concrete?


Answered 30th Nov 2012

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