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20% profit on jobs he did not do.

The builder doesn't want to finish the job and has agree to credit any thing not done on the quote. but wants us to pay him 20% of the credited total. My husband and I refused to pay for jobs he has not done, he is talking about taking about going to court. can he do this?

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You should not pay for any work that hasn't been done.This would be a bit of a grey area though if the materials for the work are in your possession and he has paid for them.Without knowing exactly what has caused the problems and what the current work situation is,its hard to say much more.With the information you have given,i wouldn't pay anything on top of the work completed.


Answered 28th Nov 2012

If it is agreed between both of you that he is to not do any more work on site then you only have to pay for what has been done to date. In theory he should give you an amended invoice to show this.

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Answered 28th Nov 2012

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