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Economy 7 water heating - only luke warm

Hello everyone. I have a problem with my water heating (economy 7) in that in the morning it only becomes luke warm and there is only enough water for two quick showers for us. Also even with the boost button of an evening there is still only luke warm water and certainly not enough water for a bath. An electrician has replaced the horstmann timer, the element and checked the voltage running through everything and it has only made a slight improvement and the water is still not at all hot. I am so frustrated with this now having spent fortunes on getting only to this stage. I am really at a loss as to what i can do now. Can someone help ?

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The timer controls what time the emersion comes on the emersion heats the water the only thing you have not mentioned is the thermostat/thermostats (one under the cover of the emersion heater element and one on the side of the hot water cylinder-optional)which control the actual water temperature. I struggle to understand how an electrician cannot get to the bottom of such a basic problem. Could be stat turned down to minimum or even not working properly. A common fault.


Answered 28th Nov 2012

Kevin Cassidy is bang on. You should get a plumber if a sparky cannot get to the bottom of such a simple issue.


Answered 29th Nov 2012

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