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Cutting in lines still showing after painting!!

Have had all my house reskimmed,now am painting all the rooms.I've done all the prep work for painting on the new plaster,now putting the top coats on but in one room the cutting in lines keep reappering after puttting the coats on...Not sure what to do,can you help?

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Are you using a cheap or poor quality paint?
I would always give any new plaster a mist coat followed by 2 or sometimes even 3 full coats, cutting in after the mist coat. Hope this helps!


Answered 28th Nov 2012

Try lightly sanding in a circular motion the edges of where the cutting in finishes, the cutting in must have dried leaving a thick edge of paint on it, then wipe it over to remove the dust and paint over try just the joining line using a baby roller, but as above mist coat first (watered down paint) all new plaster for future reference.


Answered 2nd Jul 2013

Factors that may influence your lines, perhaps the paint needs a good stir, also ensure your brush is clean prior to painting, always try to use the best quality paints, not only do they last but they cover better.


Answered 2nd Jul 2013

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