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Does the house need air bricks?

i have just bought a 1960s house and have discovered that a porch floor has damp(porch was built onto the house at a later stage),after digging up part of the stone floor i have come across a 1.5inch pipe from the porch dawf wall airbrick to the main house wall air brick.
my question is does the house realy need the pipe from the porch wall air brick to the main house air brick as it is only one airbrick if i just remove the pipe and cement up the air bricks, the house has plenty of air bricks or do think i should place the pipe back.

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You need a through air circulation to the timber floor in the main house area. That's the purpose of the pipe . I personally would replace it ,to keep your joists with a healthy air flow to prevent them from damage at a later date


Answered 28th Nov 2012

Any floor area with a void under will or should have air-bricks to allow ventilation and airflow for same reason a bathroom or any other wet or damp room should have air vents to help prevent condensation. If your porch was added after the construction of the house it is highly likely the porch floor is constructed of a sand and cement mix (solid floor) which would not require any air-bricks but may be better if there are no opening windows add a air vent.
Hope this helps.


Answered 28th Nov 2012

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