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Flaking ceiling paint

Just stated re-emulsioning my lounge / kitchen ceiling 7 years after it was built and three years since last redecorated. All going well until suddenly hit a patch of ceiling where the roller was dragging the previous paint coat off the ceiling leaving a real mess of bits stuck to the ceiling and ugly gaps in the ceiling appearance. Any ideas on the cause and also how best to make it look good as new

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If it is only in certain areas i would assume it may be a damp area, are these areas close to the corners or along the edge of the ceiling as if so this may be down to a leaking gutter or similar but if it is flaking in or around the centre it pionts to damp or maybe a small leak from above?? but without seeing it is difficult to comment.
Good luck


Answered 28th Nov 2012

There could be a number of reasons for this to happen
When the ceiling was plastered it might not have been sealed with a paint primer which would have sealed new plaster helping with adhesion off top coats.
You might have damp patches that is prevent paint to stick to ceiling.
What you will have left is what we call islands, different layers of paint which will need sanding and filling to create good finish
Hope this helps


Answered 23rd Jan 2014

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