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Can you re-skim an already skimmed ceiling?

We have a 1962 house with a large through room ceiling. the ceiling was artexed during the 70-80's and we had it skimmed about 10yrs ago. It now has some water damage, could we have it skimmed again?

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Hi there
Yes you can skim again as long as the surface you are going over is sound try scraping some of the skim off if you can not remove it then its ok to skim over check a few areas first and do not forget to re uni-bond the surface again before re skim


Answered 26th Nov 2012

When Uni Bonding make sure it is of a single cream texture. Mix it up too watery and it will be a pointless task. Plaster will dry too quick and youll get cracking.

Whenever your going over an area that has already been poorly plastered.. uni bonding 2-3 times is IMPERITIVE.


Answered 5th May 2015

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