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Subsidence on dwarf wall

My conservatory has subsided, mainly in one corner by about 10mm. The dwarf wall has come away from the main wall of the house with a 10mm gap all the way down. The window ledge has dropped a little, but the wall has dropped more leaving daylight showing through. The floor has also dropped. The conservatory company came and underpinned about 18 months ago and have finally decided, after many phone calls to come and put right the damage. My question is, are they right in just filling the gaps with filler and packing the floor. The damage seems a little extensive for just filling.

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Ha, my neighbor had the same problem. After getting a solicitor to write a few letters the company dug some holes whilst a surveyor looked on. The outcome is that they have agreed to start again from scratch. A complete rebuild. But, they will not pay to redo the radiators, so i am employed to do that bit privately.

Would you buy a house with a subsiding conservatory ?

Bargepole comes to mind.


Answered 26th Nov 2012

I have just demolished and rebuilt a conservatory with exactly the same problem, it turned out that it was built on 300mm of footing instead of the recommended 1m. I suggest that you consider something similar!!


Answered 28th Nov 2012

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