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Hole in outside wall from bathroom waste pipe

I have recently notice that where the waste pipe exits my bathroom to the outside of my house, there is a hole around the pipe of an excess 20cm x 20cm 9 which is a lot more than is needed) Bascially it looks like the void has never been filled.

I can see, when looking in from the outside house quite a length of the waste pipe into the void as well as the underside of a couple of floor boards in the bathroom. This my be the reason that my bathroom floor is always so cold.

What would be the best way of filling this space?

Thanks for any advise.

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hi , you could fill it with expanding foam or pack it with cement then brush it up to a pointed finish to match your brick work.

Answered 3rd May 2011


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I would seal the inside wall, gap, with expanding foam, use a long nozzle from outside, if you cant get access from inside.
The gaps in the brickwork, around pipe, repoint it back in with sand/cement.
Make sure you stem it in well.
If the brick work around the pipe is a bit messy, ie not an equal distance around pipe, I would be inclined to over point it, about 25mm all round, so its slightly proud, then cut a neat circle with pointing trowel, easier to do than explain.

Answered 3rd May 2011


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hi ,,there is a couple of options ...you can get some expanding foam ..really easy to use but does not look that neat ..or my option would be to get some mortar {sand and cement } fill hole with this and then use a sponge to flatten and clean around pipe ..good luck

Answered 3rd May 2011


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hi mark your best bet is to fill around the pipe work with bricks and cement before the squirrel's or rats get in to the void below your floor. shaun

Answered 3rd May 2011

P.R & C

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if the outside is brick you should get some bricks to match as near as possible an make good the wall, you may have to remove some brick pieces to bond them in then you can point around the pipe to complete,before you do this I suggest you ill the void around the pipe with expanding foam to act as insulation,alternatively you can post a job on this site and get quotes from tradespeople in your area regardsTerry.

Answered 3rd May 2011

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

I would use some expanding foam once this has expanded and hardened trim this of and then you could re Point with cement around brickwork work and pipe

Answered 14th May 2011


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Answered 3rd May 2011

d martin general household maintanance

Member since 15 Feb 2010

expanding foam ???

Answered 3rd May 2011


Member since 7 Apr 2008

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