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Roof vents or tile vents

I have a massive condensation problem in a terraced house, the loft is soaking so there is clearly a ventilation problem, which is coming back down the property into the bedrooms below causing water to drip down the walls and black mould. I have tried to research this but haven't been very successful. The felt under the tiles isn't breathable and there are no eaves vents. I'm not sure whether to go for a product like lap vent that sits within a gap you have to make in the felt, or tile vents ??? Can anyone help or advise ? thank you.

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i would use tile vents low down and put a dry ridge system on as well


Answered 23rd Nov 2012

I would recommend in - line tile vents on both sides of the house at high & low level to acheive a cross flow of air . They can be fitted quite easily by a local roofing company relatively inexpensively. As the property is terraced a dry ridge system may raise the height of the ridge tiles above the adjacent properties & look odd.


Answered 30th Nov 2012

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