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I have a crack in my shower tray. can it be repaired or does the tray need replacing?

I have had a small crack, about 2 inches long,( looks like a hair lying in the shower tray) in the tray for a while but think it was just a surface crack. A wet patch on th living room ceiling tells me that it now goes all the way through. Is there anything I can buy to seal the crack or will the tray need replacing?

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hi there are some sealants you can buy, but the problem is that it may not be a long term solution. best places to ask which ones are available would be your local plumbers merchant. hope this was helpful.


Answered 3rd May 2011

would really recommend replacing tray will end up with a lot more problems if you dont, like having to replace your living room ceiling ..water running in to light sockets etc can fill the crack but with constant use it will just reopen or split more..water is so damaging ..good luck


Answered 3rd May 2011

hi hilary, dont mess about just replace the tray if the trays been leaking for a while the water leaking through may have damaged the wood below so best to change and check. shaun


Answered 3rd May 2011

hi put a new tray in as repairing it will not last better save then sorry


Answered 6th May 2011

Unfortunately you will need to replace as there is nothing you can do to fix the crack.
Also if you are still using the shower, just watch that the shower tray doesn't break any further and cut your feet.


Answered 3rd May 2011

I would replace the shower tray, if you could repair it, how long would it last.


Answered 3rd May 2011

Hi there! There are shower tray kits, cost about £100, with all you need to fix the crack. The operation is easy and very effective. You can find thousands of tutorial on YouTube that explain step by step.
I hope it help.


Answered 11th Jul 2021

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