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The damp started to appear in winter whilst we bought the house in summer time. the walls started to collect moss and chipping of paint and wall maerial started to show.

The build was not properly done, how can this be treated or how can we seek assistance or check what compensationw e can get from the seller who sold us the property, we were first time buyers , so we were ignorant.

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I agree. Sounds to me like a condensation issue. All the evidence seems to point towards it. I would try a process of elimination. Now that we are coming into warmer climbs supposedly! Treat the (Moss) mould with a household bleach. Do a 50:50 solution of water and a household bleach. Voila! This will kill the bacteria.

The fabric of the building will wam, now you are living in,.. so come the winter there will be no cold surface to condensate out onto. Hopefully !!

If the mould re-appears, then it is most likely that you have little or no insulation in the wall in which the mould is presenting itself.

Other factors which could be the causing cold spot:
Wall ties bridged with mortar
Solid wall
Other debris in cavity
No insulation
North facing wall

Other Factor contributing
High levels of moisture in the air.
Caused mainly from living conditions, Cooking, washing, drying clothes on radiators etc etc.
Oh and did I forget, the all important Ventilation extraction units. kitchen, bathroom, & WC's

If new build, then the developer should of been NHBC member, therefore 10 year warranty in order.
If private developer not a member of NHBC then probably his own personal guarantee, of which most tend to oblige, as reputation is paramount.

Post your problem on the site to get a remedial specialist to inspect free of charge.

Hope this helps !

Kind regards

Vern Mills

The moss you describe wasn't black by any chance and spotting all over the place?


Answered 4th May 2011

I will assume that the fungal growth you describe appears on the inside of the property. You mention that the condition only occured during the winter, probably oround the time you switched your central heating on, and started leaving your windows closed.
The symptoms you describe all point to one condition, condensation.
As warm, moist air comes into contact with a cool surface it condenses, leaving water droplets. This can often be seen on windows or window sills, but when this occurs on painted surfaces a mould growth can occur.
There are many ways to treat this condition but generally a site visit is recomended to make sure there are no other mitigating factors involved.
Feel free to call the office for any advice on dealing with this issue.
Nathan Pepper
FocalPoint Preservation


Answered 2nd May 2011

Are you talking about the exterior wall covering or inside plaster work?
Is this a new house?
I dont think you would be able to claim anything from the seller, its your surveyor who would have advised and done a report.
Also what sort of report did you have.
If its a new build did they issue any warranties.


Answered 2nd May 2011

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