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What is wrong with my mortar?

i have re mortared ridge tiles 4 times on a 12 degree pitch roof with pan tiles, the mortar keeps turning to sand, used 3:1 mix but im told its because the roof pitch is wrong for the tiles as it is in a open area, im told that these tiles should only be used in built up area with this pitch, as anyone had a problem like this

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Hi the only tiles I would use on a pitch like that is a marley modern type tile unless the roof is close boarded under tiles. if the roof is not leaking and the only problem is the mortar I would use a readymix resin type mortar you can get from good roofing/building suppliers good luck .steve


Answered 26th Nov 2012

Hi , you could also use a dry ridge system so there is no future maintenance issues. Your local Roofing Supplies will advise you & you will find some good local roofers with references on this website.


Answered 28th Nov 2012

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