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Do i need to change my boiler? what type of system?

We have an old boiler which is over 20 years old, located on the kitchen floor by an integrated fridge and the flue for this feeds into a chimney on an internal wall. We are looking to have a loft conversion but have been told that said chimney will need to be removed or raised to meet building regs. We have been told that raising the chimney is not an option in our case becuse of the boiler. We will also have to move our cold water tank under the eaves in order to get the space we want in our loft.

So what we thought would be a simple loft conversion has thrown up other issues. If we need a new boiler, it would also need to be moved to an extrnl wall. We will need the cold water tank moved if we keep the old water tank.

So my questions are: is it correct that we cannot have our chimney raised? should we get a combi or a mega flo system? how much approx will this work cost? how long would the work take?

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Work to flush a system and install a powerful combi boiler with 16 litres per minute, usually 1.5-2 days, with the best two boilers being a Vaillant 831 or the Best baxi boiler ever the 40 kilowatt platinum, ten years parts and labour with the baxi, HJ HEATING


Answered 13th Oct 2013

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