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Cost for full refurb of 5 bed victorian property

Hi - I am looking for some help to get a rough plan together for a house we are in the process of buying. The house was built in 1910 and has been largely untouched. It a 5 bed, 3 storey double fronted property with stone bays. The survey has concluded that the property needs timber & damp work totalling £6k; a full re-wire, central heating, re-plumb replacement of winow lintels to front bays and a couple of back windows plus associated re-pointing, flat roof replacement for the front bays and refurb/replacement of current wooden sash windows 3 bays 12 other single windows, re-plaster. I'm looking for a rough number to budget for this work plus sensible contingency % (we are based in Birmingham). We have some savings but not sure if sufficient to cover this work. Any advice would be welcome.

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A full re-wire your looking at around 4k - 6k, central heating and plumbing, 8k-12k, re-plaster 4k painting 4k , roof and windows 6k. it is not un heard of thiskind of work to cost 30-50k in total but I have worked on this sytle of property whereit has cost 100k


Answered 15th Nov 2012

a lick of paint is right although would realistacially be budgeting towards £100k with a contingency of 20%-25% as this is an old building built with tradional materials,e.g. lime mortar walls, wooden sash and case windows, may even still be lime plaster internally as such all these materials worked together in allowing your building to breathe, to replace them with more modern materials may cause dampness issues at a later date. best bet is get a local builder that specialises in older buildings to go over the place with you and give you a better idea of cost.

good luck alex


Answered 16th Nov 2012

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