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Fuse box makes fishy smell

My fuse box has suddenly started making a fishy smell (literally today) no idea why. Any advice would be helpful.

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Hey. The fishy smell usually means something inside your fusebox is melting. This can be caused by a lose connection and is pretty serious as its an obvious fire risk. Get an electrician asap and they can check it before it gets worse. Hope this helps


Answered 12th Nov 2012

You are best advised to get this looked at asap. The smell is from the phenol-formaldehyde used used in the manufacture of older bakelite type plastics, and is a tell tale sign that there is burning/overheating somewhere inside the fusebox.

Its mostly likely to be a loose terminal at the incoming switch or on one of the individual fuseways.

Due to potential risk of electric shock from exposed live parts, its safer to leave the cover on the fusebox and get a registered electrician to take a look for you.

If your DIY skills are good then provided you isolate the fusebox at the main switch first the cover can be removed so you can take a look inside for obvious signs of burning/overheating etc.

For more info see this link;

Also worth just touching the fusebox with the back of your hand if it feels warm or hot to the touch then there is definately a problem.


Answered 12th Nov 2012

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