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Is it normal to cover ridge-tiles in mortar?

I recently had my roof-tiles re-pointed, as part of a re-roof job. The ridge tiles are completely covered in mortar. Is this normal practice, or is something being covered up? If it is the latter how soon would I experience problems?

Thanks to those who responded. It is now just over 2 months since the job was done. The mortar covering has decayed during that time to the edges of the ridge tiles, and the joinings between them.

The mortar is also quite brown which probably indicates it is too sandy? I have had lots of rain, wind and frost but I
don’t think there is any leaking. Does anyone know how long it might take for any leaks to occur?

Also, if the underlay is done correctly how would I know if I was experiencing leaking?

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no, you just had someone that cant point up, without looking at the job cannot answer if the job is done properly, other than its always good to re-set the ridges with cement rather than in cement. if their are problems then they may show up the first heavy rain or snow.

good luck alex

Answered 9th Nov 2012

ADR Property Maintenance

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I dont remember my roofer ever having to do this.i bet it looks nice:)

Answered 9th Nov 2012

Roc builders

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Loose ridge tiles don't usualy cause leaks and what does get thru the mortar will just run down the underlay providing it's fitted correctly.
If your mix looks to sandy then it won't bond to the tiles corectly hence it either is loose or will be much sooner than it should be if you think it looks to sandy I would most defiantly get an experienced roofer to check them just for peace of mind as it is possible for them to blow off.
Ps. Next time go for a dry ridge system it's a life time job that screws them on and you don't have to worry about them

Answered 16th Dec 2014

Total Roofing Solutions

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