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Cheapest place to buy a worcester bosch boiler

Hi, Looking to buy a Worcester Bosch boiler. Any suggestions as to which would be the cheapest place to purchase it from? Any current discount codes or vouchers available that might bring the price down? Many thanks.

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The cheapest place to buy a Worcester bosh boiler is on-line.
We do advise its best to pay a little bit more and buy on from someone like plumbase or plumcentre from your local branch.
The only reason why is when your gas safe engineer comes to fit your boiler which you have bought on-line and their are some bits that come with the boiler are missing you will have to wait for them to be sent to you, and the plumber may have already removed your old boiler first without checking everything is in the box with the new boiler which could lead to problems.
But if you do want to buy on-line some like plumbnation are pretty good.

Many thanks Mickey



Answered 30th Dec 2012

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