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What can i do to prevent further damage to my roof?

I am in the process buying a vicotrian terraced house. There are quite a lot mold mildew growing on the roof which caused some degree of damp on the timbers in the loft. What can we do to prevent the further damage? Cleaning or new roof?

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new roof is really your only long term option,


Answered 8th Nov 2012

A lot of the time white mould and dampness on the roof trusses can be down to lack of insulation keeping the warm vapourous air coming into your loft such as cooking , steam from a shower or bathroom or even cloths drying on a radiator all can contribute to this .

make sure you have at least 150mm of insulation roll in your loft space get a new plastic loft hatch that seals nicely and make sure all hot air from bathrooms is vented outside .

mould and meldrew also moss on the outside should be cleaned off as this will inhibit dampness


Answered 8th Nov 2012

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