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Driveway drainage channel repair

Our front driveway concrete drainage channel is damaged together with its cheap metal cover . The whole thing needs replacing?

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The damaged Aco channels will need removing, make sure you keep the removed Aco Drain to match up the same at the builders yard, as there are many different grid patters. Once you have the new Acod. Simply use a pick to dig out the old mortar, once your dug out channel is deep enough, mix 4 grit sand to 1 cement, you don't want the mix to wet or to dry. Use a trowel to level the mix. And install the new Aco channels, use a sift rubber hammer to tap the Aco to the correct level.
Hope this helps you regards Adam Blast it away ltd


Answered 24th Sep 2023

Through experience over the years we have reverted to using a more heavy duty channel ie b125 class that would hold up on most drives


Answered 24th Sep 2023

The question asked in this way does not reflect the entire image of the destruction. It would be necessary to visually see how extensive the damage is and only then make a decision whether the whole thing should be changed or only part of it. This assessment will give an idea of the costs for the client.


Answered 24th Sep 2023

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