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Shower tray with upstands

My plumber insists on buying shower tray with upstands -for his warranty on work to be valid.Says otherwise it would leak soon.
I find them costlier and rare.Obviously if non-upstand shower trays are more popular,then it shouldnt have such a big impact on leaks.
Any ideas/suggestions

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Disagree with Park and pjb....

In theory, a normal shower tray fitted well and in the correct way should not leak, but what if the sub floor drops slightly over time? This will lower the tray, away from the tiles and sealant that is keeping the water in the shower area and running into the waste pipework as opposed to your house. The tiniest crack sucks water into it by way of capillary action.

Wanting to fit a tray with an upstand is not necessarily a result of poor workmanship (although maybe this guy really is rubbish?). A good halfway house is to buy a normal shower tray and use an additional gasket (one very good one is called 'Classi-Seal', available from many merchants) which is maybe £20, to give that extra protection against movement.

Movement in a bathroom subfloor after an installation is the major cause of leaks around baths and showers, and unless your installer digs up the flooring and investigates the integrity of the joists and the way the flooring is supported by it, then it's a complete unknown.

Digging up the flooring to give peace of mind will normally cost more than £20!


Answered 31st Dec 2012

The height of a shower tray is dictated by the size of the space subfloor and the ease of installing the correct waste,. Some older houses have a 9inch void and access to an external wall allowing the waste pipe an easy access, some are internal stacks, allowing waste to be bossed in. Normally when a 'plinth' it is because the waste is above the bathroom floor and not easy to route externally. personally I never build plinths on legs even when the tray comes with them, can't beat a wood frame and a plywood or hardibacker base, cement or tile adhesive the tray down, solid as a rock!!


Answered 31st Dec 2012

If he seals everything properly there should be no issues. I'd be wary of this guy doesnt sound confident to me.


Answered 7th Nov 2012

Hmmmmm. Any good plumber will not need upstands. If the job is done right it will not leak. Uptands do not make safe a unsound shower, they are not a cure for anything.


Answered 10th Nov 2012

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